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Hawaii – the Aloha State!

Hawaii is also known as the ‘’Aloha State’’ – a Hawaiian word meaning Welcome, Hellos and Goodbyes. The word Aloha depicts love, care and affection and the Hawaiian Island brings with itself the Aloha Spirit. Hawaii was added as a part of The United States of America on August 21, 1959. Hawaii attracts several tourists from all over the world because of its sparkling geographical features. Diversity of Hawaii includes Mountain Mauna Kea, Volcanic Activity, Endemic Flora and Fauna, Sandalwood, Hawaiian Cuisine and countless breathtaking natural beauties.



History and Ethnicity of Hawaii

MovIng to Hawaii Advice and Tips languageHawaii was initially an independent state from the USA. Sovereignty prevailed in the state until 1893. However, it became annexed with the US territory in 1959. There are assumptions by certain Scholars that Spanish Explorers discovered the Island , however , several  others believe the island to be discovered by European Explorers who initially gave the name of the island as Owyhee.

The island has a mixed ethnicity with native as well as dwellers from other countries. It has a mix culture of people belonging to Asian, White, Hispanic, Pacific Islanders and native Hawaiians. The official language of the Hawaii is Hawaiian. Pidgin is a famous language spoken by many native dwellers. The original culture of Hawaii is Polynesian.


Lifestyle of Hawaii

Hawaii is all about relaxing and being away from our daily busy routines and stress. It is all about enjoying the serene natural beauty of nature. Why Hawaii is called one of the world’s happiest states? It is because –

  • Due to its geography and calm environment the people have stability of mind.
  • There are less divorce rates, human abuses and crime rate is very low (around 3%) – all because people here come to find peace, not to quarrel and fight.
  • Research show that, Happiness has a direct link with food, so there are more than 4000 restaurants in the island, serving you traditional Hawaiian dishes.MovIng to Hawaii Advice and Tips life
  • Peace, law & order are maintained in the state because of its geography. The island is isolated from rest of America and there is only little trade with other countries and limited shipping. So enemies cannot possibly attack Hawaii so easily.
  • Most of its revenue comes by growing coffee, and it is one of the largest producers of Coffee. Exporting Coffee earn lots of revenue for the State.
  • The natural environment, pure water and fresh food don’t allow one to fall ill so easily. Disease rate in the state is also very low compared to others; people with psychological disorders come here to get treatment instead.
  • The unemployment rate of Hawaii is 6.5% and many of these unemployed people are the one who have decided to spend their remaining life in peace and harmony.

So Hawaii is one of the most happy and tension Free State to live in.


Common Jobs that people prefer doing here to earn livelihood

People here are engaged with industries such as Sandalwood, Coffee, Sugarcane, Pineapple, Whaling, Tourism, Whaling and Schooling. Tourism is the largest industry in Hawaii. The geographical features of Hawaii have attracted numerous tourists throughout the world and its popularity has increased with time. Many people are involved with this business. They work as guides, organizing tours, or owners of Hotels and Restaurants. Coffee has been the second most important source of revenue for the state and 37% of the people residing here are exporters of Coffee and involved with Agriculture.


Why choose Hawaii as your home?

Moving to Hawaii - IslandsUnlike any other place in this world, Hawaii’s fresh and floral air will energize you. The serene and pure water and the mouth opening beauty harmonize your body and soul.  Everyone in today’s world is busy; he or she has to perform a job to fight the Darwin’s theory – survival of the fittest. So why not do that in a place which you love?  Hawaii is really a place where one always dreams to spend his life. But, in reality, living in Hawaii is not so easy. You have to pay heavily and earn more to compensate hard work for happiness.

Living In Hawaii Pros and Cons

Living In Hawaii Pros and Cons

Where to buy a good yet cheap home in Hawaii?

MovIng to Hawaii Advice and Tips lifestyleHawaii is relatively a costly state when it comes to buying land. If you have a home in Hawaii, it means that you are amongst one of the richest person in the US. The Property Value of Hawaii is around $1,511,322 according to the 2012 census. This is the highest value amongst all states in the US, including New York and California. Hawaii is a good place and in fact the best one to spend your vacations. However, you really need to ponder over before establishing yourself here as a permanent resident, because Hawaii is not cheap at all. This is one of the main areas of concern before one thinks to relocate himself permanently in Hawaii.

Never the least, but yet Hawaii is ranked 22nd as the world most desirable state chosen to reside. If you are planning to shift in Hawaii, then you need to burn your pocket with at least $2000 per month. Cost of homes varies in different areas. The Capital city of Hawaii, Honolulu, is considered one of the costliest cities of the world. Other cities which are comparatively cheaper than Honolulu are Oahu, Maui, Kaneohe, Kaunakakai, Kamuela, Haleiwa, Molokai and many more.


 Cost of Average Home in Hawaii($)
Honululu     1,400,000
Oahu    990,000
Maui    590,000
Kamuela    620,000
Kaneohe 770,000


Cost of other Utilities in Hawaii

Not only is the cost of Home or rent, Hawaii is also an expensive state for normal day to day utilities. The cost of common utilities like water and electricity is comparatively higher than other US states and varies from region to region in the State itself.

Even getting groceries needs a good amount of money. You need to spend at least $10 to buy just a liter of Milk and a medium sized loaf of bread.  Many people prefer to grow their vegetables, fruits and other products in their own farm. The soil here supports good agricultural practices and people grow banana, apples, peaches, taro root, coconut and many others. The main source of food here comes from via cultivation of fish, poultry, beef, yams and birds. Many residents of Hawaii have also bought their own bread machines and churned out flour from wheat. It is important to be creative in food choices in order to save few bucks.

Eating in restaurants may sometimes be as good as spending the same in groceries. A normal lunch plate may cost $9 or less. Restaurants offer staple and ethnical food stuffs of Hawaii such as Poi, Meatloaf, Rice, Mac, Hamburger, and BBQ food stuffs, Bulgogi, Macaroni, Teriyaki, Lau Lau, Loco Loco, Malasada, Musubi, Opihi and much more. Hawaiian cuisine is a mixture of different cultures of the world. Top most famous restaurants in Hawaii are Sushi Sashabune, Hiroshi Eurasion, Alan Wong’s, La Mer and Chef Mavro. Some of the tropical drinks of Hawaii include – Tiki Cocktails, Okolehao, Kava, Hawaiian wine and Craft beers.

Transportation is relatively cheap compared to other utilities in Hawaii. Transport is via means of bus, cars, boats, ferries, airplanes, rails, steamships. Each major island has a system of ships connecting with each other. Within the island, there is a well serviced bus system as a means of common public transportation.  There is also a system of connected roads and freeways across the states of Hawaii, where you can drive your car within the narrow winding roads.

Overall cost of living in Hawaii (per month basis) is


Overall cost of living in Hawaii (per month basis)| Infographics


Nightlife of Hawaii

Hawaii Islands night lyfeHonolulu, the capital city, is the epicenter of Hawaiian nightlife. Everywhere and each person loves spending there weekend night in a restaurant or a pub. People are lively here and they tend to swift into rocking and lively nightlife. The Beaches can be seen flooded by people on the weekends and musical nights are arranged for entertainment of the people. There are various places to spend your weekend in Hawaii such as Hawaii Theatre, Mai Tai Bar, Ewa Beach, Waikiki Beach, Chinatown, Downtown Honolulu and the list is endless. The museums too are a great place to visit with your children.


Living in Hawaii is little slower, flowing slowly into the serenity of life and being happy. It is one of the rarest among rare places of earth where mind finds its piece of calmness. Hawaiians do not believe in bitterness, every person you will come across have a heart filled with loads of love and forgiveness. Hawaiians are engaged in Swimming, Hunting, Fishing, Ranching, Singing, and Dancing and are truly connected to the divine nature. There are certainly some issues in staying here as this place is really one of the costliest in the world, but they forget the hardships at the end of the day and believe that life is all about enjoying and living good. Hawaii – the place that reflects glimpse of heaven is one of the ideal places to spend rest of your life (but only with money in your pocket!!).

     Cost of Average Home in Hawaii($)
Honululu 1,400,000
Oahu 990,000
Maui 590,000
Kamuela 620,000
Kaneohe 770,000
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