Living in Hawaii The Big Island


A Few Facts About Hawaii

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Hawaii is sometimes referred to as The Big Island. People who live here are usually the type who want to live a more simple life, free from the hustle and bustle of life in cities found in Mainland USA. It is a tropical island with a panoramic view of the Pacific Ocean, lovely beaches, and with mild temperatures that are relatively uniform throughout the year. 


For most part of the island, there are only two seasons: summer between May and October, and winter between October and April. The temperatures are about 74 to 80 degrees during the day, with the warmest months in August and September, and the coolest in February and March.  Humidity is moderate and the difference in temperature between night and day is only around 2 degrees.

Where to Stay


Living in Hawaii The Big Island map The places where you can stay in Hawaii depend on your preferences and financial status. You can pick the Kona and Kohala Coast areas that have a dry and arid environment, but give you the benefit of ocean and coastline views. 

You will find “Kona Gold Coast” resort areas the perfect location to be Living in Hawaii The Big Island where you can bask in the luxury of beaches dotted with palm trees.


If you prefer a place with a warm tropical and lush rainforest, you can stay at the Hilo and Puna District. Or you can stay at the Ka’u district which features lava fields on the West coast, and steep and rough terrain on the East side near Volcanoes National Forest. 


If you are looking for a place where you can enjoy the cold night air, the inland areas of Walmea-Kamuela and the northeastern Hamakua Coast are the right spots for you. There, you will find rolling green hills and cattle ranches. The Big Island is diverse and has plenty of room to spare, and you can have a choice of the type of environment that suits your desires and needs.

Cutting Down on Living Expenses

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With a little browsing online, you will readily come to know that Hawaii The Big Island is the most expensive state in the USA. The comparison is based on the cost of basic goods and services in the island. This is quite understandable since almost all the goods that you find in the island are shipped from outside. Shipping and related costs of these goods are naturally passed on to consumers.


Since the cost of living in the island is non-negotiable, people who want to live in the island have to adjust to the situation.  You can look for more affordable locations for your housing, grow your own fruits and vegetables, install solar panels, and shop in markets where you can get stuff at farmer’s prices. In this way, you will be able to cut down on your living expenses.

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    That is one of my favorite places. living there will be fantastic, but wonder if I live in Hawaii, where I should go for a holiday. Now that is my favorite destination and definitely love being there. It is calm and people are so kind.
    Maybe if I have job there may go and live there too.

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