Living in Hawaii – Pros and Cons


Hawaii is a state of fun, happiness and Serenity which makes one cherish his life completely. But, looking at the other side of the grass, the Hawaiian Islands possess some bad factors too. In this article, I will discuss what are the positive reasons for which you may stay in Hawaii and the negative factors which keep you away from the Aloha state after some time.

Living in Hawaii Pros and Cons

Living In Hawaii Pros and Cons

Living In Hawaii Pros and Cons

Pros of living in Hawaii

  • living in Hawaii Pros consHawaii is one of the safest places on the earth. Crime rate here is really very low (approximately 3% and less)
  • There is excellent bus system in major cities and with a nominal fare such as in cities like Honolulu and Oahu.
  • There are around 4,000 restaurants open in the island. You have a choice to choose among innumerable varieties of foodstuffs to fulfill desires of your taste buds.
  • Beautiful scenery, weather is lush and comfortable throughout the year.
  • Culture is great and the food tastes lavish.
  • Majority of the Hawaiian people are polite in behavior.
  • The Ocean, the sunrise and sunset, the flora and the fauna reflects god’s best creativity.
  • The island is open for many outdoor sports.
  • The fresh air and environment rejuvenates mind, body and soul.
  • People from all over the world have migrated in the state which has resulted in mixed ethnicity and culture of the state.
  • Living in Hawaii – Pros and Cons 5Best place for surfing.
  • Each island is interconnected with each other and you will never be lost in the roads because after driving for some time you tend to reach the same place from where you started your journey.
  • Each person stays happy here and that’s why it is called as the Aloha State.
  • It may not be the best but Hawaii does possess good schooling facilities.
  • Clean and eco-friendly environment.
  • Great to watch sea turtles, shark, dolphins and other creature that are hard to see in other countries.
  • No restrictions anywhere.

  Cons of living in Hawaii

  • Hawaii is a very costly state, the most costly city in Hawaii is Honolulu (ranked 4th most costly state in the US) and cost of lands in other cities is no less.
  • Hawaii islands are prone to earthquakes and volcanoes.
  • Tourists from all over the world crowd the beaches, restaurants, ocean and roads. So, you may find difficulty in choosing a right and calm place for yourself.
  • People are prone to drug and alcoholism.
  • Living in Hawaii – Pros and Cons 2Grocery, utilities and other day to day requirements touch roofs. Even a small amount of vegetable, milk and fruit may cost you hundred bucks.
  • People are prone to island fever that is, after some time a person may not find a new place to spend his time and has to spend his time with the known ones.
  • Too many traffic jams due to over flooding of tourists in the state.
  • Hawaii has an isolated population. Shipping anything to the island usually takes a very long time.
  • The beauty of the island is getting diminished day by day due to construction of buildings, hotels and other artificial environments.
  • Not too many job opportunities – people here are limited to jobs like tourism, agriculture, farming, and fishing– closing doors for many branches that prevail in the outside world.
  • Fashion here is a mess, everyone wear whatever they feel like.
  • Any electronic or electrical item or item made of iron tends to rust in a short span of time.


So, on the pros and cons to living in Hawaii looking from every angle, Hawaii is the best place for taking a trip and spending your vacation, but it may not be a good idea to spend your entire life here,  unless, you have a regular source of heavy income and a home of your own.

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2 thoughts on “Living in Hawaii – Pros and Cons

  1. Timothy Jackson on said:

    Culture of Hawaii is unique and really great. All the food tastes lavish and I always spend with great pleasure my time on the Island. Most of all I like the nature, but now there are too many tourists there and I wonder if there is place where you can have calmness.
    However, Hawaii is my favorite travel destination. Moving there is some kind of dream for me, as I imagine how I will stay on the beach during the whole day and will enjoy the sun and nature.

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  2. Milen Kalamburov on said:

    The worst thing of living in Hawaii is that you should not spend there your holiday. Now a lot of people are taking their a moment of piece on the Island, but if you live there will want to get out and go on some other place. Unfortunately, there is no other place like Hawaii. I love it from the bottom of my heart.

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