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Hilo is another beautiful county of Hawaii; the town is seated on Hilo Bay and two shielded volcanoes Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea which are declared as dormant volcanoes. Rains are showered almost 5-6 days a week.

Living in Hilo Hawaii 1Attractions of Hilo Hawaii

The town of Hilo is a major educational center of Hawaii. Hilo is known for possessing major universities, astronomical centers and other economic institutions of Hawaii. The major institution established in Hilo includes University of Hawaii, Hawaii Community College, Waiakea Primary and Secondary Schools.

It is the oldest city of Hawaii and consists of some of the major historical epics of Hawaii such as Haili Church, Sugar Plantations which opened gateways for many job opportunities, Palace theatre and many more.

The town has amazing sceneries including spectacular waterfalls, tropical gardens and a vibrant mixed Asian and Polynesian culture. Hilo Hawaii is also known as the only center for hosting competitions and festivals like Merrie Monarch Hula Festival (Held in the Easter Week – a festival for the lovers) and Hula Food Competitions , Royal Order King Kamehameha Competition , County Fair , Hawaiian music and dance performances and Hilo Powhow.

Living in Hilo Hawaii mainPros of living in Hilo Hawaii

  • The county is comparatively a very small area and is not very congested as compared to other counties of Hawaii like Honolulu, Oahu and even Maui. The population of Hilo is merely 43,263 according to the 2012 census.
  • The county is substantially cheaper than Honolulu or Oahu in every aspect.
  • It is a good center for getting education for your children. The school fees are also less as compared to Honolulu and better access to universities and colleges.
  • Bus fares merely range from $5 to $10 and $1 for students and senior citizens.
  • Buying a house may seem a bad idea as the place is quite prone to earthquake and volcanic eruptions. Choosing to pay for rent is a better idea as rents for home is comparatively cheaper here in comparison to Honolulu or Oahu.
  • Hilo Hawaii is filled with gift shops, cloth stores and exotic restaurants. The town is used for celebrations and festivals. Native people of Hawaii drive to Hilo to spend their holidays and enjoy the festivals.

Living in Hilo Hawaii 4Cons of living in Hilo Hawaii

  • Like other cities of Hawaii, almost every item is imported in Hilo. So cost of items such as groceries, gas, utilities and other stuffs are at a hike.
  • Very low job opportunities and the county have a very low and a poor economy.
  • The beaches are rough, tourists don’t visit here much and the county is lacking way behind in technology.
  • Racial discrimination is a nuisance at Hilo. Native Hilo people literally hate whites.
  • The island is not suited for people who are allergic to dust, rain and insects as the island lies close to jungles and the county is not developed yet to get rid of these.

So, in totality Hilo Hawaii may not be a very attractive place for tourists but surely is a good and a cheap place to reside and permanently settle in Hawaii.

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