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Oahu is also called as the “Land of Gathering” in Hawaii. It is the third largest of among the Hawaiian group of islands (roughly about 597.7 sq. m). The Oahu Island comprises in itself the heart of Hawaii – Honolulu where maximum population of Hawaii has taken shelter. The island looks somewhat diamond in shape in an aerial view and nature was of course in his best mood while carving the island.

Living in Oahu Hawaii 1Lifestyle of People in Oahu Hawaii

Oahu is a culturally vibrant place. People already settled here experience a rich lifestyle and comfortable living. One may gather a rich experience of most lavish lifestyle by plundering the beauty of beaches, lush mountains and calm water. Oahu is open to all sea activities like fishing, kayaking, surfing, boating, watching and many more.

With the recent explosion of tourists flying into this island, the tourism industry has expanded too many folds. People earn their livelihood here by doing jobs such as farming, fishing, and exporting sandalwood and exotic fruits.

Should one prefer living in Oahu Hawaii?                                

Living in Oahu Hawaii-Paddle-SurfLarge population of Hawaii lives in Oahu and the major reason for this is close proximity to the main land. It is the most developed place in Hawaii compared to other cities. The schools, homes, buildings, hospitals, markets are well established in Oahu. The rest of the state is still under a development process. The school and the universities are established only in Oahu, so if you are planning to shift to Hawaii with your children then there is no better place than Oahu in Hawaii, especially at the epicenter – Honolulu. But, this place has recently been overcrowded due to flourishing outsiders and the homes, streets and even the roads are jammed most of the times. Due to unavailability of many jobs in Oahu, a man may face difficulty living here. So a continuous source of income is a must for living here.

Interesting places in Oahu to enjoy and rejuvenate your mind are – Happy trails Hawaii, Bellows Field Beach Park, Pearl Harbor, Lanikai Beach, Kailua Beach, Lolani Palace, Bishop’s Museum and several other places in East of Oahu.

Living in Maui Hawaii costWhat may be the budget if someone plans to move to Oahu?

Unlike other cities of Hawaii, Oahu which also includes Honolulu is the most Posh and expensive city of Hawaii. Nothing is cheap here – from utilities, to groceries, to electricity, food, drink, nightclubs, internet connection, telephone connections and all other things. If someone plans to stay at Oahu, say if it is East Oahu then the person should have an average income of around $8500 per month at least to sustain living and fulfill his basic needs. Having a farm of his own may somewhat help him out to deal with his daily expenses as grocery items have risen high above the standard level in past few years. If you are a kind of person who loves to enjoy nights on beaches and clubs then your income should be no less than at least $11,000 as the food and party costs in restaurants and even beaches are at a hike.

Living in Oahu Hawaii-sea-life-park-hawaii

Living in Oahu Hawaii beach

Living in Oahu Hawaii-Map

Living in Oahu Hawaii dolphin show



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